About Jim Coburn and JimCoburn.com

Why JimCoburn.com?

For me, it is important to have control over what I want to communicate, and how I want to do it. This is my way of asserting control. I come to this method as a result of having a website for running for Governor of New Hampshire in 2006.

Who is Jim Coburn?

Family man with three grandchildren, entrepreneur, and New Hampshire politician and promoter.
Jim Coburn was born in Boston in 1944. He came to Chester, New Hampshire in 1951 when his mother passed away from cancer. Growing up on his grandmother's farm, Jim soon learned that the farm work had to be finished before the play began. After graduating from Pinkerton Academy in 1963, he served four years in the US Air Force, finishing his tour in Germany where he met his wife, Christa.

After 21 years working for Digital Equipment Corporation, Jim and his partner started Valco Data Systems. In 2004 Christa passed away after fighting MS for 20 years. He then sold his share of the business to his partner and became a NH State Representative in Concord.

He was the Republican nominee for NH Governor in 2006, and remains active in supporting local Republican committees and candidates.

Jim is retired now, enjoying hiking, traveling, woodworking in his workshop, and dabbling in energy and other various smart technology areas.

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